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Caminho do Lombo do Salão - Nº 13, 9370-174, Calheta

Our principles and practices

Our principles and practices (Permaculture)

Permaculture, which means “permanent culture”, is a system of agricultural and social principles whose planning is centered on directly simulating or using the patterns and characteristics observed in natural ecosystems. It was studied to respond to the new and growing awareness of global environmental degradation. Socalco Nature Calheta governs its management in a sustainable way as a fundamental tool in the continuous improvement of the services provided to its guests.

Socalco Nature Calheta’s main focus is on details and quality management, valuing proximity service, with a great focus on the comfort and well-being of our Guests.

Main objectives:

  • Rationalization and reduction of water and electricity consumption;
  • Collection and use of rainwater and water courses;
  • Actions to support community cultural projects;
  • Adoption of biodegradable products;
  • Training and qualification of employees;
  • Control and reduction of solid waste;
  • Use of solar energy;
  • Separation of garbage in containers;
  • Valuing local suppliers and artisans
  • The guest chooses whether or not to change bed linen and towels every day;
  • Socalco has thermal insulation on the walls and roofs, reducing the use of heaters and air conditioning.


How do we care for the Earth?

  • Environmental awareness of guests and their employees;
  • Use of reusable packaging;
  • Adoption of sustainable and responsible behaviors on a daily basis;
  • We have an organic fruit and vegetable garden and orchard

How do we take care of People?

  • We value the economy and local culture;
  • We preserve traditional recipes for future generations
  • We prevent nature from suffering negative impacts through environmental education;
  • Composting with organic waste produced in the kitchen of the restaurant.
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