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Caminho do Lombo do Salão - Nº 13, 9370-174, Calheta


8 Isolated Houses

  • Casa do Caseiro
  • Casa do Boticário
  • Casa Salão
  • Casa do Ribeiro – Superior
  • Casa Terrantez – Superior
  • Casa da Palha – Premium
  • Casa da Gruta – Premium
  • Casa da Cascata – Premium

10 Standard Rooms

  • Vila Verdelho
  • Vila Boal

Solário e Piscina

With a privileged view over the Atlantic, our freshwater pool and solarium are the ideal place to relax and rediscover the balance of body and mind. Sun loungers, umbrellas, shower and changing rooms are available.

Honesty Bar & Restaurant

At the Honesty Bar, help yourself freely and register your consumptions, paying them at check-out.
In our restaurant, in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, you can taste the best of Madeiran cuisine, with typical and seasonal products, produced in the Socalco’s garden and by local farmers. The menu is influenced by the regional aromas, by what the land gives us, by the proximity to the sea, without ever neglecting the traditional, the quality and the authenticity of flavors in each dish.

Mill & Cellar

Making wine in mills is a practice that dates back to Ancient Rome. The secret of the best wines was in the heels that pressed the grapes against the granite tanks and that gave rise to very high quality, astringent and rustic wines.
The Socalco Nature Calheta also has, in its facilities, a traditional wine press over 150 years old, used in the past mainly in the winemaking of the Quinta by its former inhabitants.
The cellar, located inside a “furado”, with rough walls of volcanic rock is a unique space that will not leave you indifferent. Fruit of the mechanical erosion of the wind that opened cavities in the rock, the Adega is an intimate, magical and absorbing tasting space.

Relaxation Zone

Thinking about the benefits of contact with nature, we provide the opportunity to perform massages outdoors. A deep relaxation of body and mind in full communion with nature and the sound of birds chirping and the small waterways that surround all the properties of Socalco Nature Calheta.

Agricultural Areas

At the Socalco Nature Calheta, the surrounding area is composed of several agricultural land where regional products are grown and fresh products for consumption by the restaurant. Aromatic herbs for teas and spices, as well as food plants, legumes, fruit trees, vines of various typical Madeira varieties, grow free in a rescue of the tradition of subsistence and self-sustainable cultivation.

Levadas & Streams

Alongside the fauna and flora, Madeira has to offer another beauty that is no less surprising: the great work of its irrigation system: the Levadas. As an Ode to the 3000km of levadas that are scattered around Madeira Island, we also bring to the Socalco Nature Calheta, water courses that run smoothly through all the houses and the entire Socalco.

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