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Caminho do Lombo do Salão - Nº 13, 9370-174, Calheta


The charming municipality of Calheta is located between the south and the far west of the island of Madeira, with an area of ​​approximately 116km2 and about 12 thousand inhabitants. This municipality comprises 8 parishes: Arco da Calheta, Vila da Calheta, Estreito da Calheta, Jardim do Mar, Paul do Mar, Prazeres, fajã da Ovelha and Ponta do Pargo. The Socalco Nature Calheta is part of the parish of Cidade da Calheta

Painted under the blue tones of the sea, the steep mountains and magnificent valleys, Calheta invites you to take a dip in its crystalline waters and to stroll through the green of Nature that surround this which is the largest municipality of Madeira Island.

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Calheta has an average temperature of 18.1 ° C. The average annual rainfall is 593 mm. The climate is warm and temperate, there is much more rainfall in winter than in summer...

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