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Caminho do Lombo do Salão - Nº 13, 9370-174, Calheta

The Concept

The Socalco Nature Calheta was born from a dream of the well known Chef Octávio Freitas, whose main mission from an early age, was to raise the name and reputation of Madeiran regional cuisine, promoting the name of Madeira Island as a gastronomic destination.

Socalco Nature Calheta aims to achieve a symbiosis between rural tourism, gastronomic studio and farming in a unique and unforgettable experience.

In addition to enjoying a calm stay, focused on the fabulous sea view, the birds chirping, and the socalcos full of surrounding vegetation, you are also invited to be an active player in the various activities of a gastronomic, wine and agricultural nature.

Under the objective “local knowledge and flavors”, Socalco Nature Calheta intends to “get your hands dirty”, whether in a cooking class with a Chef, on gastronomic tours, wine days or farm tasks, preparing jams and making bread. Staying in Socalco Nature Calheta is watching history, but also being part of it.

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