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(351) 291 146 910
(351) 92 59 75 844
Caminho do Lombo do Salão - Nº 13, 9370-174, Calheta

Engenhos da Calheta

Visiting the Engenhos da Calheta is to know a large part of the history of the Region and its people. It is a living example of the sugar past, with half a century of history, being one of the oldest devices on the island of Madeira.
It produces quality rum and cane honey, obtained by cooking steamed stout. The honey produced is used to make the genuine Honey Cake and also the Broas de Mel, typical sweets from Madeira Island and also in the preparation of some regional dishes and delicacies.


Contacts & Information

Address: Avenida D. Manuel I 29, 9370 - 135
Telephone: (351) 291 822 264
Opening hours: Segunda - Sexta-feira: 10:00 - 18:30;
Sábado, Domingo e feriados: 10:00 - 18:30
Entry: Gratuita
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