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Socalco Nature Calheta na Newsletter Turismo Portugal UK

„Dear Partners,

Portugal pairs with wine…

Proud of our gastronomy and wine, Portuguese companies have been developing many amazing products related with the sense of taste, where food & wine complements the incredible diversity of our tourist offer available around the country.

Visit Portugal launched on the 9th of September the Portuguese Wine Tourism digital platform, on the first day of the UNWTO Wine Conference that took place in Reguengos de Monsaraz, in Alentejo. 

As wine tourism is becoming more attractive, organised and an important example of development opportunities in rural areas in Portugal, this platform aims to help you to navigate through different tourism experiences, paring wine with Art, Adventure, Gastronomy and Wellness. Read and listen local tips from experts and influencers, as well as events in each of the 7 Regions. Getting to know Portugal through its wines is an authentic way to embrace the culture of our country.

In this month’s newsletter, we bring some of the very best experiences in Wine Tourism and boutique hotels so that you can have the perfect tools to better advise your clients to visit Portugal.

Yours sincerely,

VisitPortugal UK“

A symbiosis between rural tourism, gastronomy and farming

In Madeira, the temperate Atlantic climate and the slopes with soils of volcanic origin where the vines are planted in small terraces give rise to a fortified wine that can be kept for over two centuries. It was considered an exquisite wine that, according to legend, even served as perfume for the handkerchiefs of court ladies. It is one of the most famous Portuguese wines in the world. Well kept, it manages to maintain its qualities for almost two centuries.

Socalco Nature Calheta aims to achieve a symbiosis between rural tourism, gastronomic studio and farming in a unique and unforgettable experience. In addition to enjoying a calm stay, focused on the fabulous sea view, the birds chirping, and the socalcos full of surrounding vegetation, you are also invited to be an active player in the various activities of a gastronomic, wine and agricultural nature, whether in a cooking class with a Chef, on gastronomic tours, wine days or farm tasks, preparing jams and making bread.

08-04-2022 in Newsletter Turismo de Portugal
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